The Biches & Bûches Collection

I love the feeling of beautiful wool. I love to watch the structure and the color shades and the color variations within a single shade. I love to watch a project take form in my hands. And sometimes the result is not what I expected, so I start over again. And again. When I work on a new design, I make a lot of changes, either because I change my mind or because I think of and want to try a better solution. My goal is to create the exact idea I have for my design, combining the shape, the general aspect, the color combination and the motif. Creating a design is a combination of all this. Designing knitwear is also about playing with texture. Assembling different yarns to create surprising and dreamy results.

When I choose my colors, I am of course influenced by the scenery around me, in the nature. I follow the change of season at first hand and within this mindset I find the colors that give me the sensation I want to recreate.

xx Astrid


The Biches & Bûches designs are made and knit by Astrid and photographed by Caroline and Louise.


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