Behind the brand of Biches & Bûches is a Scandinavian family settled in Burgundy, France.

Astrid tells her story:

My Norwegian grandmother taught me how to knit when she came to visit, I was about six years old, and it was something that I really enjoyed during all my teenage years. I would spend hours and hours carefully selecting my next knitting project, looking in magazines, pattern books and catalogues, over and over again. Then came the choice of yarn quality and colors which was very exciting and the best part of the process. I liked the touch of the yarn, I liked the possibility of choosing between a lot of colors and I worked mostly with pure wool.

I love the feeling of wool of the purest quality. I enjoy looking at the structure and the color shades, and color changes within the shades. I like to watch a project grow between my hands. Sometimes, the result is not as expected, so I start over again. When I design new models, I ravel a lot. My purpose is to obtain the whole idea I have in my head, combining the shape, the general feeling to the design, the color combination, the stitch pattern. Designing is about matching all this. 

Certain color combinations simply make me feel happy and peaceful so I try to recreate this sensation with the colors I choose.


Many years ago, we found an old barn, built of stone, in the very southern part of Burgundy and we started to refurbish it completely.

This is where we have our Biches & Bûches Atelier, in the middle of nature. It’s where I find inspiration and create. The house is filled with yarn and until recently we had our warehouse here. In December 2020 we delocated the warehouse and the order fullfilling part so I can concentrate on the other aspects of Biches & Bûches. 


And Biches & Bûches isn’t just me alone. I couldn’t have done this without Caroline, who used to be our photographer and who took care of all the visual communication until recently. She also wrote a lot and shared the backstage of our little company. She’s an amazing partner. When she began to work more steadily with me five years ago, we reviewed all that I had been doing mostly on my own, and we decided to make changes. A new website, an Instagram account and a Facebook page were created at that time. Today, Caroline lives in Paris where she still works with photography and she is still part of the team.

In the beginning, Louise spent most of her summers with us wearing warm sweaters, so we could take pictures of our designs. Today, she is behind most of our photoshoots and she is helping out on all levels. As she has been building her own brand (Maison Loüno) at the same time, we have a lot of common interests and share our knowledge.

The three of us together, we worked on defining our style, getting things coherent, writing, everything. We worked to make it into a real brand, the kind of brand we would love and that defined us and our style best.

With love, Astrid.

Thank you

We want to warmly thank everyone who is part of Biches & Bûches, from our producers and everyone involved in the production of these woolen beauties, to all the creative and thoughtful designers, to our amazing stockists, to anyone purchasing our wool and patterns, reading our Newsletter and being warmly with us on Instagram. Each and everyone of you is part of supporting Biches & Bûches, and helping us grow. Thank you 🤎
Astrid & Caroline